WLANBook.com – D-Link Router LAN Interface Default IP Address is a private IP address used in home and business networks. Devices with this IP address or other private addresses can not use the Internet without going through a router/NAT device that presents connections from this private IP address as a public Internet address.

Private IP Address Ranges

Private IP addresses are in the following ranges.

  • From to
  • From to
  • From to

D-Link Router Default IP Address is the default IP address for the LAN interface of D-Link Wireless LAN routers. D-Link routers can be managed by connecting to The default username is admin and password should be left blank.

D-Link Wireless Router Default IP Address

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3 Responses to “ – D-Link Router LAN Interface Default IP Address”

  1. I have forgotten my username and pasword is there anyway I can find out what it is my computer crashed and I cannot use my wireless now

  2. @Tim, easiest way is to reset wireless router to default settings. There should be a reset button on like below


  3. Somehow, I think I changed my username and password to something else when i first log in to
    I know the username has to be admin and there shouldnt be a password.but my username and password is something else…….
    How can I chane my username back to “admin” ????