5 GHz WiFi Speed Test for iPhone 5

5 GHz WiFi Speed Test for iPhone 5

Web based WiFi speed tests for iPhones rely on uploading/downloading data from the Internet. While this type of test is fine for most scenarios where the device under test has a high speed connection to the Internet, it isn’t the best way to determine the true performance of a WiFi network.

To correctly measure the speed/throughput of a WiFi network a performance measurement application like WiFiPerf should be used.

WiFiPerf for 5 GHz WiFi Speed Testing

WiFiPerf is a bandwidth performance measurement app for iOS. The app can operate as a client and/or server. WiFiPerf can be used for iOS-to-iOS testing or iOS-to-Mac OS testing. WiFiPerf should work with other operating systems that support iPerf3 but has only been tested with iPerf3 for Mac OS.

Client Settings – IP address, server port, test duration, stats interval, and transfer direction can be configured. If localhost / is configured as server address then app will test with itself (loopback test, requires server to be enabled). To start test the on/off button is toggled. When the client test completes the toggle resets to off. The received data in bytes and bandwidth reported is a confirmation that all data from client/server was received.

Target Server Address – address of iperf3 iOS or Mac OS server.

Target Server Port – port of iOS or Mac OS server.

Test Duration – How long to run bandwidth test in seconds.

Run Client – Start client test by toggling button to on position (resets to off after test completion).

Stats Interval – How often to show interval results in seconds.

Transfer Direction – Direction of data transfer per test.

Menu – Send results by email or clear results

Note: iPerf3 is not the same as iPerf or iPerf2 or jPerf. Also, only TCP testing is supported at this time.

System Requirements
– Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.x.

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