History of Cisco Systems WiFi Acquisitions

History of Cisco Systems WiFi Acquisitions

Cisco has made five WiFi focused acquisitions since 1999 totally almost $3 billion dollars. The latest acquisition of Meraki for $1.2 billion is the most Cisco has ever paid for a WiFi focused company.

Meraki, Inc. – November 18, 2012, $1.2 Billion

Meraki is a leader in cloud networking, offering midmarket customers easy-to-deploy on-premise networking solutions that can be centrally managed from the cloud. The acquisition of Meraki complements and expands Cisco’s strategy to offer more software-centric solutions to simplify network management, help customers empower mobile workforces, and generate new revenue opportunities for partners.

Market Opportunity: Cloud Networking, MDM, BYOD

Cognio, Inc. – September 18, 2007, ??

Cognio is the market leader in wireless spectrum analysis and management for wireless networks. Cognios industry-leading spectrum technology enhances performance, reliability, and security of wireless networks by detecting, classifying, locating, and mitigating sources of radio frequency (RF) interference. The acquisition will provide Cisco with complementary and differentiating technology, intellectual property, and a core team to expand Ciscos leadership in unified wireless networking.

Market Opportunity: Wireless Troubleshooting, Spectrum Analysis

Airespace, Inc. – January 12, 2005, $450 Million

Airespace is a provider of wireless local area networking (“WLAN”) systems, which provide a secure, flexible, and cost effective solution for enterprise and commercial customers. Airespace’s product portfolio will expand Cisco’s WLAN solution portfolio, accelerating delivery of key WLAN features and capabilities for Cisco’s entire customer base. Airespace’s product portfolio includes WLAN controllers, Access Points, WLAN Management and Location Software, and Security capabilities, including IDS. The acquisition will allow Cisco to address a broader set of market segments and integrate advanced capabilities into current Cisco products.

Market Opportunity: WLAN Controllers, “Thin” Access Points, WIDS, Location Tracking, Access Point Central Management

Linksys Group, Inc. – March 20, 2003, $500 Million

Linksys Group, Inc. is the market and product leader in the Consumer/SOHO networking market. Linksys’ products include wireless/wired home routers and access points, wireless adapters for laptops and desktops and unmanaged switches.

Market Opportunity: Consumer/SOHO WiFi and Wired Networking

Aironet Wireless Communications, Inc. – November 9, 1999, $799 Million

Aironet is a leading developer of standards-based, high speed wireless LAN (local area network) products. Wireless LANs are used in enterprise, small/medium businesses and home environments. They enable PC users to establish and maintain a wireless network connection anywhere throughout a building, providing benefits in mobility, simplicity, flexibility, scalability and reduced cost of ownership.

Market Opportuinity: Wireless LANs

If the Navini acquisition is lumped into group the total is $3.3+ billion.

Navini Networks, Inc. – October 23, 2007, $330 Million

Navini Networks is a leader in the Mobile WiMAX 802.16e-2005 broadband wireless industry. Navini is a pioneer in the integration of “Smart Beamforming” technologies with Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) antennas, a combination that improves the performance and range for WiMAX services and lowers the overall deployment and operational costs for service providers. Navini’s WiMAX products will extend Cisco’s market-leading WiFi and WiFi-Mesh portfolios, allowing Cisco to uniquely address the rapidly growing markets for broadband wireless services.

Market Opportunity: WiMAX, Outdoor Wireless

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