How to Setup Your Own LAN Speedtest.net Server

How to Setup Your Own LAN Speedtest.net Server

While researching how Speedtest.net works I learned that Speedtest.net drops 40% of the results per test to help reduce the impact of TCP slow-start and outlier results. To me this isn’t a real test but just an estimate.


To really understand if speedtest.net’s testing methodology is a good estimate it needs to be tested in the LAN environment to eliminate any WAN/ISP variations between tests.

Ookla, the makers of Speedtest.net, offers a free, easy way to setup your own speedtest.net server using what they call Ookla Speedtest Mini.


Setup instructions are below.

  1. Download mini.zip
  2. Unzip it onto your server
  3. Decide on PHP, ASP.NET, ASP or JSP
  4. Select which index file to use
  5. Rename the file to index.html

I followed instructions above and was able to setup a server in a few minutes at WiFiSpeedTest.com

I plan to follow the same process on a local web server and then compare results with a HTTP file download.

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