iPad WiFi Survey App v1.5

iPad WiFi Survey App v1.5

iPad WiFi Survey app has been updated. Many new features including using a remote agent to collect RSSI in dBm. See app store description and demo videos below.

New Project Setup

– Add project details
– Add floor plan
– Configure RSSI agent info

Floor Plan Tools

– Calibrate floor plan
– Mark floor plan boundary
– Calculate floor plan area

Heatmap Generation

Adding Markers on Floor Plan

Adding Marker Labels

WiFi Survey can be used to perform WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n speed tests and wifi site surveys of indoor and outdoor networks. An iPerf3 client and server is integrated with app and allows for placements of speed test markers on a floor plan. The iPerf3 client/server is compatible with WiFiPerf and iPerf3 apps.

Signal collection in dBm is achieved by using an agent running on a non iOS smartphone, tablet, or computer that sends RSSI information to the app via an IP connection.

Other Features
– Add floor plan images to project from device camera, image library or Dropbox
– Copy/Clone projects
– Scale floor plan using touch interface
– Measure area of a floor plan or select areas using touch interface to draw outline
– Limit heat map generation to a defined area using touch interface to draw area
– Place WiFi and WiFi sensor markers
– Place computer room, electrical/POE and router/switch markers on floor plan
– Document WiFi or WiFi sensor location using device camera
– Draw cabling paths and app will measure distance and include in reports with total length
– Generate signal and speed test heat maps
– Internet download speed test
– Internal/Custom web server download speed test
– Multiple markers/icons to help document existing and planned networks
– Enter data into app using device camera and barcodes
– Flexible reports can include all items placed on floor plan or select information
– Reports in HTML format to allow editing and custom text
– Export report via email or Dropbox
– Many more…

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