iPerf3 / iPerf 3 for Windows 8, 7, and XP #iPerf #iPerf3

iPerf3 / iPerf 3 for Windows 8, 7, and XP

iPerf is a TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool. Iperf was developed by NLANR/DAST as a modern alternative for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth performance. Iperf allows the tuning of various parameters and UDP characteristics. Iperf reports bandwidth, delay jitter, datagram loss.

iPerf3 is a new implementation from scratch, with the goal of a smaller, simpler code base, and a library version of the functionality that can be used in other programs. iperf3 is not backwards compatible with iperf2.x

We were having issues finding a binary version of iperf3 that could be used on Windows so we are providing binary of app below that is based on source code available at http://code.google.com/p/iperf/. The source used for binary is version is iperf-3.0b4.tar.gz and we have a local archive copy here.

Download iPerf3 for Windows

You can download iPerf3 for Windows for no cost by “Paying With a Tweet”. Use link below

iPerf3 Throughput Testing on Windows

Below is a screenshot of me running throughput test using iperf3 on a Windows 7 laptop.

iPerf3 on Windows 7

Unzip all the files into a single folder and start the app using iperf3.exe -s for server and iperf3.exe -c for client mode.

iPerf2 Features Currently Supported by iPerf3

  • TCP and UDP tests
  • Set port (-p)
  • Setting TCP options: No delay, MSS, etc.
  • Setting UDP bandwidth (-b)
  • Setting socket buffer size (-w)
  • Reporting intervals (-i)
  • Setting the iperf buffer (-l)
  • Bind to specific interfaces (-B)
  • IPv6 tests (-6)
  • Number of bytes to transmit (-n)
  • Length of test (-t)
  • Parallel streams (-P)
  • Setting DSCP/TOS bit vectors (-S)
  • Change number output format (-f)

New Features in iPerf3

  • Dynamic server (client/server parameter exchange) – Most server options from iperf2 can now be dynamically set by the client
  • Client/server results exchange
  • Reverse test mode – Server sends, client receives
  • Iperf API (libiperf) – Provides an easy way to use, customize and extend iperf functionality

iPerf2 Features Not Supported by iPerf3

  • Bidirectional testing
  • Data transmitted from a file or stdin

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