MyRouter (Virtual WiFi Router)

MyRouter (Virtual WiFi Router)

MyRouter is an application that acts just like a virtual WiFi Router. With this tool you can turn your PC into a wireless hotspot within just a few quick steps and connect your Android, iPhone, Blackberry cell phones and just about any wireless supported device. MyRouter has an elegant and well designed graphical interface making it straightforward to use. All you have to do is select a WiFi name and password, the Internet connection you are using on your PC and press Connect. Optionally you can restrict the number of users who can connect to your newly created wireless hotspot. MyRouter can log the connections by saving the WiFi name, Internet name and the start of the connection. You connection is encrypted using WPA2 making it secure and safe. For advanced users, port forwarding is available with control over port number, a choice of protocol (TCP or UDP), description and IP address. View, edit and remove port accessibility conveniently. Send the MyRouter log via email and view a complete description of the connection history. MyRouter can be used anywhere you have a desktop or laptop computer (laptops come with their factory built wireless cards) whether at school, office, home or even in the car.

Download MyRouter

Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2
Windows XP/Vista users Ad Hoc only
Admin privileges
Wireless network card
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Share your internet to WiFi enabled device’s.
A friendly User Interface.
Customizable SSID (WiFi Name)
File sharing.
View connected devies.
Set max number of devices allowed to connect to host MyRouter.
WPA2 Encryption.
Add/Remove/Edit port forwarding *Beta*

Download MyRouter

Centrally Managed Virtual WiFi Router

If you are looking for a way to manage multiple virtual WiFi routers try WLANController.com

WLANController.com has two components, a software client that transforms Windows / Mac OS X based computers into WiFi virtual access points and scanners and a web based dashboard that can manage multiple devices from a single graphical user interface. The WLANController Dashboard and client make the deployment and management of large WiFi networks quicker, simpler and less costly. We eliminated the need for any new hardware and software (other than our client) by using the Virtual Access Point capabilities available in Windows and WiFi scanning capabilities available in Windows, Mac OS and iOS.

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