Outdoor Wireless Planning Tool

Outdoor Wireless Planning Tool

Wireless Outdoor PlannerThis online tool can be used to plan and visualize outdoor wireless networks by plotting device locations and radio frequency (RF) propagation coverage on mapping tools. Radio frequency propagation visualization can be viewed as contours on Google Maps or 3D RF models in Google Earth.

The tool is currently beta software and is available at address below. Feedback and feature requests are welcome.


How to Use Outdoor Wireless Planning Tool

I plan to add detailed instructions later but for now start by following a three step process – 1) find your location, 2) click on map to plot markers, and 3) view results in Google Earth.

Outdoor Wireless Planner

Radio Frequency Propagation Visualization on Google Maps

Currently the radio frequency propagation visualization in Google Earth and Google Map view is the same for all plotted points. This feature will be enhanced so that results are based on user entered data like radio power, frequency, antenna gain, distance, and most importantly terrain data that can be determined from mapping software.

Google Maps Wireless Coverage Visualization

Radio Frequency Propagation Visualization in Google Earth

The Google Earth portion of tool isn’t complete but when done will have the ability to view results with custom pan, tilt, range, and altitude values for location. See below for what the 3D view will look like and download a demo file to view results in Google Earth.

Google Earth Wireless Coverage Visualization

Feedback, Bug Reports, and Features Requests

Please comment in post below or send me a message via my contact form with feedback, bug reports, and feature requests. This software was tested on a Windows Vista PC, Internet Explorer 7, and 1280×800 screen resolution. I’m sure it will behave differently on other systems so when sending bug reports please let me know your operating system, browser version, and screen resolution.

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