Raspberry Pi Case Options

Raspberry Pi Case Options

If you ordered a Raspberry Pi board and are looking for a case you are probably having a tough time finding one. Below is info from the Raspberry Pi FAQ about cases.

Will it have a case?

Not for the first batch. We’ll be making and selling cases by the summer; you’ll be able to buy a unit with or without a case, or a case on its own. The education release later in 2012 will have a case by default. There are lots of homebrew case discussions on the forum.

Will it fit in an Altoids tin?

Doesn’t quite work, I’m afraid – because we don’t round off the edges of the board, it’s a little too big to fit the tin.

Raspberry Pi Case Ideas

Below are a few ideas I found on the web for cases.

Plastic Case Design

Check Marco’s blog about his plastic case design that will be printed using a 3D printer.

Plastic Case Design 2

Another plastic case design with a video too.

Lego Case

Not sure how practical but this Lego case would be fun to put together for kids who are suppose to use the boards to learn programming.

Lack of cases was one of the reasons why I didn’t go with a Raspberry Pi for now and opted for an alternative development board based on the plug computer project.

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