Reaver WPS Attack Tool for Windows?

Reaver WPS Attack Tool for Windows?

Reaver is an attack tool developed Tactical Network Solutions that exploits a protocol design flaw in WiFi Protected Setup (WPS).

At this time, the only way to use Reaver on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 is to use a virtual machine. The most common method is to use VMWare and run a flavor of Linux. If you decide to use Debian Linux, a precompiled binary pkg file for Reaver has been released. For other flavors of the Linux operating system you will most likely need to compile Reaver from the source code. While not too difficult, I don’t recommend this route if you have never used Linux before.

If the above is too techie for you another option is to get the commercial version of Reaver with the hardware option called Reaver Pro. Reaver Pro is a purpose built hardware appliance that looks like an access point but contains the commercial version of Reaver.

Reaver Pro Demo

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