Super Light Physical Site Survey Kit

Super Light Physical Site Survey Kit

The results of a physical site survey or environment site survey is the physical characteristics of a building or location. My super fast (and cheap) way to conduct a physical site survey involves using mostly low tech gear below.

1) Small Dry-Erase Board – Pick up a pack of 10 melamine boards from Amazon in case one gets lost or damaged. Melamine boards without a plastic case are very light weight and fit easily into a laptop bag.


2) Dry-Erase Markers – Sometimes it is easier to take notes by hand. Good info to record is location, rack, room, equipment, and network details.


3) Smartphone/Camera – A picture is worth a thousand words. Use a camera/smartphone to take photos of the environment.


1) Electrician’s Tape or Painter’s Tape – Mark locations with tape and take a picture to record desired equipment or cable termination location.


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