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Virtual Access Point Software for Windows 7

Virtual Access Point is an easy-to-use software that turns any LAN-connected PC or laptop into a Wi-Fi wireless access point. So anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing. This is also an ideal solution for setting up a temporary AP in a hotel room, meeting room, at home or the like.

Rogue Wireless Access Point Scanner

Rogue Wireless Access Point Scanner – Online rogue wireless acces point scanner scans for wireless devices and then outputs a list of MAC addresses that belong to the wireless device that is plugged into the network.

Wireless IP Address

Wireless IP Address – This tool provides your local IP address and Internet IP address (aka IP address of Cable/DSL Router/Firewall that is directly connected to Internet).

Wireless Calculators

System Operating Margin
Fresnel Zone Calculator
dBm to Millwatts Calculator
(above based on calcs by www.bizsyscon.com)

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