Twitter IDs of Cisco Systems CCIE Wireless #CCIEW #CCIEWireless

Twitter IDs CCIE Wireless

I wanted to follow more WLAN professionals on Twitter and decided best place to start was with engineers with expert level certifications.

Many of these experts are very active on Twitter and are willing to share their knowledge and time to help others reach the CCIE Wireless rank. I recommend using Twitter to start following these professionals. It is a low cost way to be part of the worldwide WLAN ecosystem.

Below are CCIE Wireless with Twitter IDs. Send me a Tweet @WLANBook if you want to be added to list or if I have incorrect info listed.

CCIE Wireless Twitter IDs (updated: 7/30/2014)

CCIE #7764 – @LeeWaskevich, Lee Waskevich
CCIE #20652 – @RalphOlsen, Ralph Olsen
CCIE #20999 – @troymart, Troy Martin
CCIE #24750 – @wirelessccie, Jerome Henry
CCIE #26024 – @netboyers, Jason Boyers
CCIE #28054 – @stefangerer, Stefan Angerer
CCIE #28298 – @revolutionwifi, Andrew vonNagy
CCIE #31229 – @blakekrone, Blake Krone
CCIE #32380 – @weterry, Wesley Terry
CCIE #40629 – @samuel_clements, Sam Clements
CCIE #43153 – @jsnyder81, Jake Snyder
CCIE #45171 – @baldwifiguy, Dave Benham
CCIE #49339 – @jnassiry, Mohammad Nassiry
CCIE #49353 – John Meachum
CCIE #49400 – James Wheat
CCIE #40685 – Ding So

CCIE Wireless Count

Not sure where official count is listed but found graphic below from a 2013 Cisco Live presentation that has count at 64! Count in 2012 was 93 and 2011 was 42.


Also found 15 year CCIE count that shows other CCIE certs trending up but CCIE wireless is trending down.


Twitter IDs Other of WiFi/WLAN Experts

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