Verizon Knows Your WiFi SSID and Key

Verizon Knows Your WiFi SSID and Key

I logged into “My Verizon” online billing and account manager and noticed that Verizon knows my WiFi SSID and wireless key / password. See below for a screen shot of “My Services” section. If I click on “Unhide” is shows my wireless key in clear text.


I have Verizon FiOS and use an “Actiontec M1424WR“, an 802.11n 2.4 GHz only wireless router provided by Verizon that also connects to the FiOS fiber termination box in my house via coax.


I always assumed that Verizon had some level of remote management capability for this device (firmware updates, remote reboot, etc) but didn’t think they had this level of information about my configuration.

Some cool things they could do for customers with this type of access/information.

1) Ship out replacement hardware with the preconfigured wireless SSID and key.
2) Help customer configure new devices with correct WiFi info.
3) Automatically configure other Verizon equipment (cell phones, set top boxes, alarm equipment, home automation devices) with wifi settings for customers.

Or even cooler ideas….

1) Allow Verizon customers to share each others WiFi through WiFi agreements and technology like Hotspot 2.0.
2) Give Verizon technicians Internet access whenever they are in Verizon serviced area.
3) Provide WiFi access to business partners (UPS, Fedex, Postal Service) that need data services while at/near home.

The Verizon FiOS iOS app also pulls router SSID and password and based on change log for app it was added on January 1, 2014 to version 3.5.4 of app.



I don’t remember agreeing to share this information with Verizon or allowing them to store this information. I’m also not sure what category this information falls under. Is it my private information or is it business information that can be stored/shared by the service provider (like call records)?

One guaranteed way to opt-out of this information sharing is to disable the WiFi on my Verizon provided wireless router and use my two other access points exclusively.

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