What The Karate Kid Can Teach You About Becoming a WLAN Pro

What The Karate Kid Can Teach You About Becoming a WLAN Pro

The Karate Kid movie came out in 1984 and starred Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. IMDB summarizes the movie as “handyman/martial arts master agrees to teach a bullied boy karate and shows him that there is more to the martial art than fighting.” The main character Daniel LaRusso – aka Daniel-san is taught how to fight by Mr. Miyagi and by end of the movie wins the local karate tournament and the respect of the bullies.

Believe it or not the movie can teach us many lessons on how to master WiFi. Below are some of the lessons and how they relate to becoming a WLAN Pro.

Get Mentored by Pros: Daniel knew some karate from a book he read and from lessons at the local YMCA but he never had professional training until he started working with Mr. Miyagi.

Get access to professional training from others who have mastered WiFi. If you don’t have access to professional training, start leveraging the Internet for information and advice. You can follow some of the best WiFi minds on Twitter at no cost.

Master the Fundamentals: Mr. Miyagi has Daniel waxing cars, sanding deck floors, and painting his fence. Daniel thinks that Mr. Miyagi is using him for free labor but in reality he has been learning the fundamentals needed for karate the entire time.

There are no secrets to 802.11. All the information you need about the standard and amendments are very well documented but the fundamentals skills needed to make use of the technology are not always easy to master. Some items are labor intensive and not exciting but once mastered will help with project management, technical and security aspects of projects.

– Physical Surveying
– RF Surveying
– Cabling
– Post Site Surveying
– Client Troubleshooting
– 802.11 Frame Analysis
– Bill of Materials (BOM) Creation
– Installing Access Points
– Racking/Stacking Equipment
– L2/L3 Networking

Never Give Up, Think Big: Daniel overcame injury in the tournament and won fights against several Cobra Kai fighters to reach the finals. But his goal was bigger than that..he wanted to win the tournament.


When times are tough and it seems like you’ll never get the job, pass the certification test or figure out the technical issues, continue pushing and learning more and lean on friends and family to get you through.

Help Others: Mr. Miyagi comes to the aid of Johnny, the Cobra Kai fighter Daniel just beat for the championship trophy, even though he was one of the bullies that caused so much trouble for Daniel.

The lesson here is that once you reach your goal give back and help others.

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