Why Your WiFi Sucks

Why Your WiFi Sucks

wifi-sucksYour Access Point Sucks – If you are using 802.11abg access points then you are not getting the best range or throughput possible with WiFi. Consider replacing you existing router with 802.11n equipment. 802.11n has solved many of the issues related to range and throughput. I recommend also getting smart on what an MCS Index value is and how to select the right equipment.

Your WiFi Client Card Sucks – It takes two to do the WiFi tango. No matter how great your new 802.11n access point is, if you client can’t take advantage of the new capabilities of 802.11n then you will not experience 600 Mbps throughput. Yes – every legacy card will experience improved performance with an 802.11n access point but nothing close to 600 Mbps.

Your Operating System’s Wireless Stack Sucks – Think about it…no matter how great your access point and router, your WiFi will only be as good as the operating system’s wireless stack. I use an iPhone (iOS) and Macbook (MAC OS X) daily and Windows XP and Windows 7 weekly. IMHO Windows 7 has much better support for wireless networking than any operating system I have ever used. Windows support for Virtual WiFi is a great feature.

Hiding Your SSID Sucks – Disabling SSID broadcast provides minimal security benefits. t takes less than a minute to enable real security on an access point. I highly recommend moving away from WEP and only use if it is the only option.

Your Overlapping Channels Suck – Go here to learn how to avoid this faux pas. I have stayed at many hotels and even on a Disney Cruise where the channel plan for 2.4 GHz was 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Your Airspace Sucks – 802.11 uses shared frequencies and as the number of wireless access points and devices increase the amount interference and noise increases. If you have an application that requires highly predictable performance then a wired connection is best option.

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