WiFi Speed Test Lab Setup

WiFi Speed Test Lab Setup

Creating a lab environment for speed testing doesn’t require many devices. Listed below are the testing components needed for even the most complex testing scenarios.

Device Under Test (DUT) – What is being tested (client or access point)
Sender / Client / Source / Endpoint – Device sending data
Receiver / Server / Destination / Endpoint – Device for receiving test data
Console – Device used to control tests starts, stops, and view results. In many cases the client/receiver can also be the console.
Test Software – Software installed on clients, receiver, and console if applicable.
Networking Components – Switches for connecting devices.


Below is photo of setup above with an access point that has an integrated switch.


For more info on actual testing process and procedures see this post on low cost / free software for WiFi throughput testing or watch video below.

WLAN Pros Summit 2014 | Zaib Kaleem Best Practices for Throughput Testing.