WiFi Speed Test

WiFi Speed Test

Share Your WiFi Speed Test Results

Share your wireless speed test results, especially if you are using a muni WiFi network. Post a comment with the SSID, city/state of muniwireless network and your speeds.

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7 Responses to “WiFi Speed Test”

  1. Question about the WiFi Speed test. Is it testing the speed of the wireless channel between the end device and it’s access point/router? or is it testing the speed of the internet?

    I presume it’s testing speed of the internet, so is there any conclusion being made that the wifi local channel is the bottleneck, or not?

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  3. Hi I am in dubai airport speed not very good but ok

  4. does the speed decrease when further away from wifi location??

  5. Speed between wifi location (aka access point) and client can be impacted by distance. Check status of wifi connection speed to determine when it changes

  6. Download 919kbps… it’s a poor connection… very slow….

    I have a d-link dsl-g624t… G+… Any idea to arrive at 10mbps????

    It’s possible that I’ll arrive with a Linksys wrt160N????


  7. download speed 14 kps!!! horrible. acetravelmate 6292, it sucks.