WiFi Speed Testing Using WLANcontroller.com #wifi #speedtest

WiFi Speed Testing Using WLANController.com

Version 2013.1 of WLANController.com has been released and one of the new features is centralized speed testing. See below on how to use new feature.

  1. If don’t have one already sign up for account at wlancontroller.com
  2. wlancontroller-signup

  3. Note Profile ID and Key from confirmation screen.
  4. profile-id-key

  5. Download latest software agents for Mac OS and Windows (iOS and Android agents coming soon).
  6. download-agent

  7. Install agent and start agent. Agent will show that it is connected to server but not registered or active.
  8. agent-config

  9. Configure with Profile ID and Key for account and click save. If needed enter server hostname manage.wlancontroller.com. Agent will register with server and activate.
  10. agent-register-activate

  11. Login in to wlancontroller.com.
  12. logon-wlancontroller

  13. Dashboard will show demo data watermark until data is received from agent.
  14. dashboard-demo-data

  15. Click Configuration and then Active Agents menu option. By default speed testing feature is not enabled per agent. Click deactivate to remove agent from active state.
  16. active-agent

  17. Navigate to Configuration and then Available menu option. Check the speed testing option and click activate.
  18. activate-agent

  19. Navigate to Configuration and then Active menu option to confirm that agent is now active with speed testing feature enabled.
  20. active-agent-confirm

  21. To run a speed test, navigate to Speed Tester menu option. Select Agent(s) and then select Run Speed Test
  22. run-speed-test

  23. Test will download a 5MB file from the Internet. Refresh screen to see BSSID, SSID, Download Speed, Downloaded File Size, and Download Time in results screen.
  24. run-speed-test-results

  25. To run speed tests with a custom size file from a custom URL navigate to Configuration and then Default Configuration. Add URL to Default Custom Download Server URL field.
  26. run-speed-test-custom-url

  27. To run speed test using custom download server URL follow directions in step # 11 and select Run Custom Server Speed Test.
  28. run-speed-test-custom-url-2

  29. Repeat test for all agents. The 10 fastest agents will be summarized in dashboard.
  30. dashboard-summary-results

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