WiFi Thermostats

WiFi Thermostats

I have replaced about six thermostats in my lifetime. In almost every case I replaced an older manual model with a programmable model. Sadly, I have never used the programming features of the new thermostats. I usually set the thermostat to the desired temperature for the entire season. Maybe WiFi capability is the missing feature that will make me want to actually use the advance features.

There are several vendors the make WiFi enabled thermostats. I have listed info on two vendors below.

3M Filtrete Wi-Fi Thermostat

Radio Thermostat Company of America – “Radio Thermostat Company of America makes the world’s most innovative home energy management solutions. Throughout the past 30 years we’ve sold millions of our thermostats and related products through leading retailers, utility partners, and our extensive HVAC and dealer network.”

This company makes the CT80 and CT30. The CT30 is also marketed as the 3M Filtrete Wi-Fi Thermostat model 3M-50. The 3M-50 is available from Home Depot for $99.

Nest WiFi Capable “Learning Thermostat”

Nest – Nest was founded several Apple employees who ran the iPod and iPhone divisions at Apple. Nest has one model and it is available for $249 at Nest.com and $249.99 at BestBuy.com.

There are other WiFi thermostats by vendors such as Honeywell and Ecobee but from my research the Nest and Radio Thermostat of America products should meet the requirements of most techie and non-techie users.

Out of the two above I would go with the Nest product. It looks very well designed and seems like it will overcome my issues with never getting around to programming my current thermostats.

If you like to tinker with APIs and make your own apps the CT30 / 3M-50 would be the way to go. It has a documented API and an active forum site.

A few sample apps that use the API available for CT30 / 3M-50 are below.

Controlling CT30 / 3M-50 using Siri

Watch video demo of Siri controlling 3M-50 WiFi thermostat by clicking play.

thermoStatus – Mac OS X App

thermoStatus – “thermoStatus is a light-weight status bar application designed to allow people to monitor and control their WiFi enabled Radio Thermostat devices directly from their desktop. The program supports switching heating/cooling modes and fan control along with temperature override and hold.”

Thermostat App for Windows

The Basic version of app that allows viewing of thermostat settings is free. To make changes the $9.99 Premium version is needed.

Thermostat allows you to keep an eye on your temperature settings in your home and make changes without leaving your desk. Review and reverse temporary temperature overrides, and set your thermostat to the temperature that best suits you.”

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