WiFiPerf for Mac OS 1.1

WiFiPerf for Mac OS

WiFiPerf for Mac OS is a bandwidth performance measurement app for iOS and Mac OS X. The app can operate as a client and/or server. WiFiPerf can be used for Mac OS-to-Mac OS, iOS-to-iOS testing or iOS-to-Mac OS testing. WiFiPerf should work with other operating systems that support iPerf3 but has only been tested with iPerf3 for Mac OS.

WiFiPerf v1.1 Changes

WiFiPerf v1.1 displays WiFi interface info per test and test interval making app very complete for wireless testing.

View/Hide Test and WiFi Interface Info

Interval, Transfer, S/R Bandwidth, SSID, BSSID, RSSI, Noise, Tx Rate, Signal/Noise, PHY Mode, Security can be toggle on/off to reduce crowding on results table.

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