WLANBook.com Blog Stats for 2011

WLANBook.com Blog Stats for 2011

Everyone loves stats so I figure I would post some stats for WLANBook.com. The blog has been around since 2007 and I have tracked stats for the blog since the beginning using Google Analytics and hosting provider server stats.

I started with just a few hundred visits per month in 2007 and in December 2011 the blog had close to 100,000 visits. The blog has benefited from the increased interest in WiFi over the last few years and I think WLANBook.com is one of the most visited WiFi focused blogs on the net.

WLANBook.com Visits 2011

1,133,705 total visits

All page impressions from one computer are aggregated to one Visit. The visits are uniquely identified on the basis of the IP address and the browser identification. As several people may share one computer (e.g. in a cybercafé), the number of visits does not correspond to the number of visitors.

WLANBook.com Page Impressions 2011

2,002,980 page impressions

The relevant values comprise the following analyses:
– Number of page impressions: Indicates how often individual pages of your website were accessed in the specified period.
– Average time per visit: Indicates how long your visitors stayed on your website on average.
– Average number of pages per visit: Indicates how many pages of your website a visitor accesses during a visit on average.

WLANBook.com Top Ten Posts 2011

Below are top ten posts by pageviews in 2011 from highest to lowest.

Post Title Pageviews
NetStumbler for Windows 7 78,269
WiFi Speed Test 46,337
iPad WiFi Scanner and Site Survey Tool 38,474
NetStumbler Alternatives 33,700
NetStumbler for Windows Vista 31,105
Ethernet Crossover Cable Pinout 24,478
Enable/Disable Wireless Card from Command Line 24,108
iPhone WiFi Scanner Apps Banned By Apple 23,544
Free Mac OS X Wifi Scanner for Snow Leopard 21,750
WiFi Scanner v1.1 For Mac OS X 20,965

Only fully loaded pages are counted. Individual page elements, such as images or other elements, are not counted individually. This includes all files with the extensions .png, .jpg, jpeg, .gif, .swf, .css, .class, and .js.

WLANBook.com in 2012

My goal every previous year has been to post once per day but I have never been able to meet this goal. I’m averaging closer to once per week. I usually write a post after I have researched a topic and think others would benefit from what I have learned. I almost never write news posts because I think the larger tech blogs and services like Google Alerts have made this type of blogging by individuals irrelevant.

Some posts take hours to write and get a few hits a day. Other posts take me 5 minutes and get hundreds of visits per day.

For 2012 my goal is no different. I want to average one post per day, double visitors per month and triple page views per month.

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