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As of January 2011 is generating over 160,000 page views per month from over 91,000 unique visitors per month (not including RSS and blog email delivery)

The site is targeted at anyone seeking information about wireless technologies, products, software tools, and news.

Ad Zones and Rates

WLAN offers multiple ways to build your brand and get your message to our large and loyal readership. Ad buys are sold on 30 day periods using PayPal subscription service. Ads will auto renew every 30 days unless you cancel the subscription.

Zone A Ads

The 468×60 ad appears on the top of every page, next to the blog title. Only three ad rotations are available. Pricing for the unit is $400 per month. The banner can not be bigger than 15K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.

If you’re interested in securing a sponsorship ad, Email your ad to, and pay using the PayPal button below.

Zone B Ads

The 125—125 button appear on every page, under the heading Sponsors.” Button locations are randomized with each page load to give advertisers even exposure. Pricing is $60 per month per button. Only ten spots are available. The button can not be bigger than 15K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.

If you are interested in securing a 125—125 button sponsorship, Email your ad to and pay by clicking the PayPal button below.

Traffic Information – Unique Visits

What do these statistics show me?
This analysis summarizes multiple page views of an individual visitor into unique visits. A visitor is counted only when bringing up at least one page and taking no longer than 30 minutes between individual pages.

Traffic Information – Page Views

What do these statistics show me?
These statistics show all successful page views (also known as page impressions) and the time they were made. Only fully loaded pages are counted. Individual images and components are not included.