Best Practices for WiFi Throughput Testing (iPerf, WiFiPerf) #WLPC

Best Practices for WiFi Throughput Testing (iPerf, WiFiPerf)

The Wireless LAN Professionals Summit 2014 was held in Austin, Texas from Feb 10 – Feb 12 and was organized by Keith Parsons of The goal was to have a conference by Wireless LAN folks, for Wireless LAN folks. The entire event was vendor neutral and was a gathering of like-minded folks hanging out and talking about WiFi related products, technologies, and projects.

I enjoyed attending and speaking at Wireless LAN Professionals Summit 2014. My session was about throughput testing and is summarized below along with video.

The primary goal of this session is to share best practices around performance testing of wireless LANs in lab and production environments. The discussion will focus on how to measure access point and client throughput using free and/or low cost tools. All components of the typical wireless LAN: access points, laptop clients, and mobile clients will be covered. At the end of the session, participants should be able design and setup testing environments to aid in the equipment evaluation phase of projects and to validate wireless LAN performance post implementation.

WLAN Pros Summit 2014 | Zaib Kaleem Best Practices for Throughput Testing.

All the conference sessions were recorded and are available free-of-charge with the goal of sharing technical knowledge with as many people as possible. I recommend everyone check out all the WLAN Pros Summit 2014 videos.

WiFiPerf Downloads

Note: iPerf3/WiFiPerf is not the same or compatible with iPerf, iPerf2 or jPerf.

Compatibility: WiFiPerf is based on iPerf3 version 3.0-BETA4 (2 Aug 2010) source code. Future updates to WiFiPerf will be compatible with iPerf 3.0.1 or newer. WiFiPerf should work with other operating systems that support iPerf3 but has only been tested with iPerf3 for Mac OS. (iPerf3 is the program upon which WiFiPerf is built)

WiFiPerf for Mac OS

WiFiPerf for iOS

WiFiPerf for Android