Free WiFi Diagnostic Tool App Included in Mac OS X Lion

Free WiFi Diagnostic Tool App Included in Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion has a new WiFi diagnostic tool. The app (Wi-Fi can be accessed from path /System/Library/CoreServices/

To launch app follow below.

1) Control click Finder icon
2) Select “Go To Folder”
3) Copy/Paste file path into form /System/Library/CoreServices/ and click Go

4) Locate Wi-Fi and click to launch

5) Select action to perform

Info from Apple about each option below.

Use Wi-Fi Diagnostics to diagnose your wireless network, record network events, capture network traffic, and enable debug logs. Wi-Fi Diagnostics produces a report that can be sent to Apple for analysis.

Monitor performance displays a graph of network signal strength, noise level, transmit power, and data rate.

Record events detects and reports dropped network connections, roaming, and other network events, such as connecting to or disconnecting from a network or network device.

Capture raw frames captures all network traffic on the Wi-Fi interface.

Turn on Debug Logs provides specific details of every wireless connection.

Select what you’d like to investigate, click Continue to continue. When you finish using Wi-Fi Diagnostics, click Report to submit the diagnostic data to Apple for analysis.

6) Screen shot of Monitor Performance screen

WiFi Diagnostics is not a WiFi Scanner / survey tool and will only show information about your current WiFi connection. If you are looking for a wifi scanner tool for Mac OS X try WiFi Scanner or WLANController on the Mac App Store.