iPerf3 / iPerf 3 for Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion #iperf #iperf3

WiFiPerf – graphical interface version on Mac App Store.

iPerf3 / iPerf 3 for Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion

iPerf is a TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool. Iperf was developed by NLANR/DAST as a modern alternative for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth performance. Iperf allows the tuning of various parameters and UDP characteristics. Iperf reports bandwidth, delay jitter, datagram loss.

iPerf3 is a new implementation from scratch, with the goal of a smaller, simpler code base, and a library version of the functionality that can be used in other programs. iperf3 is not backwards compatible with iperf2.x

We were having issues finding a binary version of iperf3 that could be used on Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion so we are providing binary of app below that is based on source code available at http://code.google.com/p/iperf/. The source used for binary is version is iperf-3.0b4.tar.gz and we have a local archive copy here.

Download iPerf3 for Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion

You can download iPerf 3 for Mac OS Snow Leopard and Lion for no cost by “Paying With a Tweet”. Use link below

iPerf3 Throughput Testing on Mac OS Lion

Below is a screenshot of me running throughput test using iperf3 on a MacBook Air running Lion.

iPerf3 Mac OS Lion

iPerf2 Features Currently Supported by iPerf3

  • TCP and UDP tests
  • Set port (-p)
  • Setting TCP options: No delay, MSS, etc.
  • Setting UDP bandwidth (-b)
  • Setting socket buffer size (-w)
  • Reporting intervals (-i)
  • Setting the iperf buffer (-l)
  • Bind to specific interfaces (-B)
  • IPv6 tests (-6)
  • Number of bytes to transmit (-n)
  • Length of test (-t)
  • Parallel streams (-P)
  • Setting DSCP/TOS bit vectors (-S)
  • Change number output format (-f)

New Features in iPerf3

  • Dynamic server (client/server parameter exchange) – Most server options from iperf2 can now be dynamically set by the client
  • Client/server results exchange
  • Reverse test mode – Server sends, client receives
  • Iperf API (libiperf) – Provides an easy way to use, customize and extend iperf functionality

iPerf2 Features Not Supported by iPerf3

  • Bidirectional testing
  • Data transmitted from a file or stdin

See this talk for more info on iperf3 project.