Rogue Access Points

maskedman.jpgWireless LAN security for residential users is mainly about using the proper encryption.

For corporate networks, securing against rogue access points is also important. Rogue access points are access points that are connected to corporate networks without prior approval from network administrators.

In many cases, these rogue access points are connected to company LANs by end users looking to extend wireless connections to conference rooms and meeting areas. In other cases, these rogue access points have been inserted into the network by a malicious person desiring to bypass the existing wired network and physical security systems.

To properly secure against the threat of rogue access points network security managers typically deploy a wireless intrusion detection and prevention system (WIDS/WIPS). A WIPS system uses a combination of wireless sensors and a server to discover, analyze and mitigate threats against rogue access points.

Using the proper encryption is important for wireless LANs but securing against rogue access points is important for all networks.

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