Still No WiFi Scanner Apps For iOS / iPhone / iPad

Still No WiFi Scanner Apps For iOS / iPhone / iPad

iphone wifi scannerIt is 2014 and Apple still doesn’t allow wifi scanning apps on the App Store that provide RSSI or channel information for access points.

I get several emails a week asking if there exists a WiFi Scanner app for iOS / iPhone / iPad similar to WiFi Scanner app for Mac OS. My usual reply is “No wiFi scanning apps exists on app store” and I include a link to my 2010 blog post explaining that Apple banned all WiFi Scanner apps for using non published API / “private framework” to scan for WiFi networks.

Most people reply back asking what options they have for getting RSSI info on iOS and my usual answer is below.

1) Jailbreak / root iPhone and use an app from other app store markets
2) Develop/build own app to collect RSSI and Channel information on iOS
3) Switch to Android

In 2012, we found a way to report on RSSI and channel if by using how iOS logs the WiFi association process in our WiFiMedic app. This lasted for a few months until Apple asked us to remove the app from the app store and then they removed the info we used to report RSSI and channel info from iOS 6.

WiFiMedic iPhone Diagnostics AppThe WiFiMedic app was updated to comply with Apple’s request and no longer reports RSSI and channel info but is focused on speed testing and diagnostics (ping test, trace route, connection status).