WIDS / WIPS Vendors – Where Are They Now?

WIDS / WIPS Vendors – Where Are They Now?

Listed in alphabetical order are the most well known WIDS / WIPS related companies, who acquired them and when. In most cases the companies continue to operate as independent business units.

airdefenseAirDefense – Founded in 2001 to provide a complete WLAN security platform to effectively monitor and secure WLANs from intruders, hackers, interference and network abuses. AirDefense introduced its flagship product in June 2002 as the industry’s first security and management appliance to monitor and protect WLAN airwaves.

AirDefense was acquired by Motorola in 2008. The WIDS / WIPS product line is marketed as Motorola AirDefense Solutions and the company has been integrated into Motorola’s Enterprise Wireless business unit.

airmagnetAirMagnet – Founded in 2001, AirMagnet, Inc. addresses the unique challenges confronting network and security professionals in deploying and maintaining wireless networks, with a new generation of integrated solutions designed for wireless network administration.

AirMagnet was acquired by Fluke Networks in 2009. AirMagnet has always been very strong in WiFi analysis and troubleshooting and fits well with Fluke Networks. AirMagnet continues to market WIDS / WIPS products and wireless design and troubleshooting products.

airtight-networksAirTight Networks – AirTight Networks, Inc., formerly known as Wibhu Technologies, Inc., was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California with additional offices in India and Hong Kong.

AirTight is still a privately held independent company. AirTight is the last overlay WIDS / WIPS vendor that hasn’t been acquired.

airwaveAirwave Wireless – Airwave Wireless, Inc. was founded in 2000 as an Wi-Fi hotspot provider. The reinvented themselves as a network management products company. The Airwave Management Platform (AMP) can manage access points from different vendors. AirWave also provides a wireless visualization and planning tool, VisualRF and a rogue detection module RAPIDs.

AirWave was acquired by Aruba Networks in 2008. AirWave still markets its products as the AirWave Wireless Management Suite.

network-chemistryNetwork Chemistry – Network Chemistry develops network analysis and monitoring hardware and software that enables enterprises to manage and secure wired and wireless networks. We believe in the power of distributed computing and function specific embedded systems. Network Chemistry is a subsidiary of Tazmen Technologies, LLC. Tazmen was founded in July 2000 to license technology for network security products.

Network Chemistry was acquired by Aruba Networks in 2007. The founders of Network Chemistry moved on to other projects and whether Aruba integrated Network Chemistry technology into their WLAN solution is not known.

newbury-networksNewbury Networks – Newbury Networks was founded in 2001. Newbury RF Firewallâ„¢ application enables location-based access control and policy enforcement over WLANs. RF Firewall creates a secure perimeter around facilites to actively prevent neighboring users or skilled hackers from gaining aunauthorized acess to Wi-Fi networking infrastructure.

Newbury Networks was acquired by Trapeze Networks in 2008. Newbury was always focused more on location based services instead of WIDS / WIPS / wireless LAN security and I don’t think any significant WLAN security related integration with the Trapeze solution was ever completed.

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